About TruTechies

TruTechies is a blog to understand how things work in Information Technology especially for freshers and novice IT professionals. It brings the content about Careers, Process, Lifestyle, methods, best practices, etiquettes in IT systems. Trutechies tries to put the topics from its own dimension hoping that will help people to understand things better.

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Suresh Cheyyuri, author of this blog, has extensive experience of 18+ years in IT industry. He has performed various roles in his journey as developer, designer, consultant, and architect. 

He has executed various IT projects in development and support. He handled various client facing roles as IT consultant.at Offshore and Onshore locations.

He likes to share his extensive knowledge and experience through TruTechies to college graduates, IT Freshers and novice professionals. Hope it will be useful to all of you. All the Best