Let’s start first with what is a covering letter and why is it required? Covering letter is basically an introductory letter about yourself before the recruiters to view your resume.

Earlier people use to apply for jobs by post and send the hard copies of resume. Then it was a custom to attach the cover letter along with resume so that recruiters can understand about you before viewing your resume. It is a digital world now. So does the cover letter really necessary?


Is cover letter necessary

It is not required in today’s digital world as most of the job applications are sent via online or email, I prefer to brief about yourself in the job application email itself. So your job email itself acts as the cover letter.

I have covered the post of Tips for writing job application emails. You can refer if interested how to write the job emails

When to send cover letter

Write the cover letter only if recruiters specifically ask for else simply attach just your resume in job email. Your job email itself should be able to cover the most of the information what the cover letters do but in case if you wish to write the cover letter here is gist below.

Typically Cover letters start firstly about the job where you had seen first and mention its reference number if any. You mention that you are keenly interested to apply for its position and join in the respective company. Then followed by about your self, your skills, achievements and work experience in brief and mention that why are eligible to apply for the position.

Finally, you mention referring you attached CV for more details. Optionally you can mention if the company request your current salary, passport or PAN number, notice period, expected salary, a notice period of the current company, any notice period buyouts, references etc.

I hardly sent the cover letters in my career. As said in today’s digital world, I have written some email cover templates that can help you. If you still need to send the cover letter for any specific job case, the below video guide helps you to write it.

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