This post should help to whoever didn’t come across the experience of resignation and mainly focus on initiating the resignation process.

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Decide before to putdown the papers

Firstly decide yourself and be confirmed to resign in the current company. Try to check if there is any possibility that your needs are fullfilled in your current company itself while searching for jobs outside. If you think, no other such options, then proceed. Don’t ever resign unless you receive the new job offer and you accepted it.

Some people try to resign well before even though the confirmed offer was not received due to various reasons like more notice period, personal reasons. Don’t ever do that. Wait for proper and formal offer letter received and you accepted. 

Once after you received the new job offer, retrospect about the offer once and check yourself that you are completely happy about it. Make yourself ready to proceed. If you have any concerns or half-minded, get it sorted. This is important to make an easy job switch.

Talk to your manager

Before sending official resignation, try talk to your manager first. This is to avoid surprises to him as you have been working with him/her for so some time. Tell them you would like to resign as you got an another offer. 

You manager may ask you not to send the official communication as he/she may need to negotiate. If such things happen, tell them that you would like to trigger the resignation process, if anything works out as part of negotiation, then you will take back your resignation. 

This is because your notice period counts on the same day you put your resignation so make it official on the same day if you decided to move on. In case if you wait till negotiation to complete and if it doesn’t work, then you may lose the time and  the new offer too.

If you are a critical resource

If you are the critical resource for your project and company, prepare your manager first. Request a week’s buffer time for your new joining date while negotiating with new company. Once you have the offer, instead of immediately resigning, have a discussion with manager and say that you are looking for outside.

If they already initiate negotiation, let it happen and tell that you need time to think for any counter-offers made. After two days, have another round of discussion and inform that you are going to resign soon if you think counter-offers doesn’t match with your new offer.

Initiating Resignation process

Every company has its own process to follow the termination from employee. Some companies have their tools in which you need to initiate the process and some other companies would need to send email official email. Follow the formal process as per your company policy. 

If you will need to send the termination mail, address to your official reporting line manager and if possible take the HR manager in the loop. This is because sometimes HR considers the termination process only if they receive the official email. Some company policies are like that if you send the official communication to your reporting line manager, he/she will take care in forwarding to HR. 

Always keep the copy of the email that you sent for your own records. If possible forward the email to your personal email ID to save the copy. Indeed your joining company may ask for proof that you put down the papers. Find below one sample resignation mail. Refer other email templates

Dear Mahi,

I hereby request to accept my resignation from my role as Consultant with effect from today so that my last working day will be as per terms of the notice period.

It has been great pleasure working with you and learnt lot of things during the course of time. I am glad to cooperate and provide the full support for the transition of my role to the concerned replacement. Please let me know if any other support I can provide.

Thanks & Regards

Emp ID: <..>


It is highly recommended not to disclose about your resignation to any other colleagues. This would be the part of company policy for many companies. This is due to minimize your influence on the team during the notice period.

In fact some of the few companies avoid to send adieu mails too but okay to send on last day in a short note to your colleagues as part of courtesy.  Also better not to share your new company details to your manager or colleagues unless you are close to them

Counter Offers

If your company don’t want your leave and thinks you are the biggest asset, then they may offer the counter offer like salary, bonus etc.  It is your discretion to accept it or not. If you accept the counter offer, you will need to rescind your resignation officially.

Methods of retention

I have seen companies apply different methods to retain you. Some pursue, some give counter offers like salary, bonuses etc., some provide you promises and some others threaten you emotionally. Whatever the method, you have the complete rights to resign and move on. If you are comfortable with counter-offers as mentioned above, then think of rescinding.


I hope this post provided the needed information. Feel free to comment if you would like to share or anything that can be added.

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