It’s a no brainer that you need work experience to get a decent job in the recent times. Additionally, you can’t get experience without having a job. It’s kind of chicken and Egg problem isn’t it? It can sometimes be frustrating to find ways to gain work experience for freshers. This guide can certainly help you to find a number of ways to gain work experience.

There is an old saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”. It definitely attributes for those who are desperately looking to gain work experience for their dream job

Please note that your mindset and strong determination matters most to explore the ways to gain work experience for freshers.


1. Internships

Internships are one of the most preferred ways to gain the real time work experience as a fresh graduate. If you are lucky enough, you can be offered with full time job once you complete the internship with all stars. Hence, next big question is how and where to apply for internships.

1.1 Private Networking and contacts

You can request your known senior friends, alumni or through network to contact their HR of their company if any scope for internships is there.

1.2 Internship postings

Look for jobs newspaper cuttings and social job groups if or not companies are offering the internship opportunities.

1.3 Apply online

Below is a list of some online portals that provides the options to apply for internships in India. Ignore if some are not working or non-reachable.

AICTE Internship
Hello Intern
Angellist (Intern with a Startup)
Indian Internship
Media Jobs Daily

2. Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are similar to Internships with guaranteed employment. It is a long-term opportunity with an OJT also known as on job training. Some of the top sites that are worth checking are mentioned below. You can filter those that suits you best.

Apprenticeship India
Apprenticeship Govt

3. Part-time Jobs

You can explore any part time jobs related to IT on some prominent sites mentioned below.


4. Freelancing

Freelancing is something that is taking its unique pie now-a-days in terms of earning money. It is quite similar to doing the full time job. It enables the flexibility related to work hours and provide you with a great scope of learning curve.

Also note that you should have the self-learning mind set to be a successful freelancer. Hence, check yourself if you are the best fit for this. There is a great scope of earning potential if you can grab the bigger projects. It definitely adds the greater value to your profile. So why latestart freelancing if you are good enough.

Some of the prominent freelancer sites are listed below.
Evanto Studio

5. Self volunteering

This is nothing but self-contribution with proactive mind set to explore yourself and contribute to any small IT work anywhere like colleges, NGOs, Charities, small businesses etc. for no pay. The work experience will add to your profile.

6. Public Networking

Public Networking is all about the places to contact people and build a network. Networking helps to share the information and builds contacts. Here are some places you can meet people around.

6.1 Startup Events

There are many startup events that takes place on a regular basis in many cities. Google it for events in your city. My personal touches are IIM Event registration like IIMB NSRCELHeadStart – Startup Saturday

6.2 Meetups

One of the most important ways to gain work experience for freshers is to join the meetup groups so that you can be a part of local communities of different skills and sectors. This is an online platform to know about the meetup schedules of different groups.


I believe this guide has become successful in its motto of sharing a number of ways to gain work experience for fresh graduates. Feel free to comment if you think there could be other ways too based on your experiences.

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