Receiving a job offer from a company is always an exciting thing. No matter, you being a newbie or an experienced professional. It is the acceptance of your skills, experience and talent by an organization.

Receiving more than one job offer is even more exciting but people usually get confused and stressed about which one to opt for. Some of the common questions in your mind would be how to get multiple job offers, if at all you get success in receiving multiple job offers, how you should choose the best one, how could you decide which offer is more beneficial and how you can decline the other offers without giving any bad impression.


How to get multiple job offers

At first, let us discuss how you can get multiple job offers. It’s just simple. DONT RELAX, KEEP TRYING. Most of us would become relax with the first job offer and become less intense but it is always better to have a second offer as the backup option. Here are some of the tips to keep up-to the pace.

Update your application on job portals on a continuous basis

Consistency is the key. Keep update your resume in job portals. Keep editing any section of your profile in the online job portal. This can be done by just removing a single character and retyping it. Be consistent and keep trying at-least once in a day or two. This makes your resume list at the top in the searches made by employers and job consultants.

Continue to apply for job positions

Keep continue to apply for job positions that you come across via job portals and consutants, etc.

Block companies

Most job portals provide the option to block your profile to be viewed in the search list for a specific companies. This gives the flexible option that selected companies will not know that you are actively looking for a job or you don’t prefer apply for those specific companies. Include the companies from which you have the offer along with current working company.

Disclosing the current offer

This can be tricky. A majority of people would have doubts regarding the declaration of having the job offer when the subsequent employers put this question. I would recommend to keep it as per the choice. It is certainly not illegal to have multiple jobs offers accepted. Hence, you can keep trying and not necessarily disclose the fact that you have multiple job offers.

Many times some of you would be still waiting for the job offer while you have already applied to other companies and by the time you receive the offer from the first company, you might have already completed some of the interview rounds from other company or will be in final HR round. In such a case you can decide whether to disclose or not so that you can negotiate on certain factors like salary, bonus, job location, etc. as per your will.

For instance, if you think that the second offer can be readily acceptable if the salary offered can be increased a bit more than the first one. Then you can disclose about the offered package that you already have and negotiate with the employer. It is again tricky and completely discretionary to disclose and negotiate.

Prime Factors to consider while choosing the best among offers are outlined below.


First and foremost the role offered is the most important aspect you should consider. Ask yourself if the new role will give you enough satisfaction or not. As long as you are happy with the work you are going to handle, it will ensure that you remain with the company for a longer duration. Hence, weigh among the job offers that you have and make a decision accordingly.


Second factor you should consider while you are perplexed with this question is obviously the offered salary. Cost to company always matters and weigh which company is offering the better salary. Check the monthly and yearly breakdown.

Some salary structures tend to pay more taxes. Hence, you better go with those offers that give flexible options to choose the structures like flexible benefits plan, medical expense claims, telephone bill claims, fuel expenses, commutation, food coupons etc. This will not just add flexibility but will help indirectly to save more money.

Consider which company offers to reimburse the relocation expenses if all the offers you have are not in the current location.

Growth of career

Next is obviously the career growth. Choose the company that gives the scope and platform to grow your career in the long run. This is obviously an important factor if your experience is more than 10 years. This is because switching companies on a regular basis would become difficult as your experience keep growing due to competition and high salary.

Work location

Work location always plays a big role. You should prefer those offers that are in the same city you are currently in. This enables flexibility for you as you never need to move or relocate to other city unless you seriously wish to move to other places.


Your travel time from your home to office matters most as well. If the travel distance is less then you can save a lot of time and become less tiring. This option is worth to consider while weighing the best offers to consider.

Work timings

You should always consider the best work timings that fit you. If the work timings are odd or too many rolling shifts then it is worth it to think twice. Odd timings always affect your health and are greatly inflexible.

Work culture

Work culture creates a flexible environment and reflects the broad mind set in the company. Hence, work culture of a company plays a significant role as it always sets the better working environment. You can observe this in big MNCs. Get this information about the companies you have offer from through your network and contacts


Some job positions requires you to travel frequently like say to client places or meetings. Hence, only consider those offers if it suits you.

Offered promises

Some companies will also offer promises like promotions in future, relocation, onsite travel, etc. As these are not offered on paper so these are never guaranteed but you can try once to compare. Since these are not guaranteed never keep many hopes and rely on these or in the process, you might lose the best ones.

Company Performance

Company performance is one factor a majority of people never look for. Though it is difficult to go through the financials of a company for an applicant. You can google about the latest news of the company and if possible check the financial status of the company as it may impact the employees of that company if anything worse happen.

How to decline other offers

It is always the best option to inform the company that you are declining their offer to join. Email the HR that you are not in a position to join their organization due to personal reasons or that you need to opt for the other offer that was more suitable for yourself. Inform them that it’s unfortunate that you couldn’t join but willing to consider by reapplying for any future opportunities.

If you take my opinion, these are some of the most important factors that affect the process of handling multiple job offers and can enlighten you on how to handle multiple job offers and select best among them. Share your thoughts and comment if you would like to add anything worth to consider.

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