Almost all of you would be sending job emails to the HR or Talent acquisition team. Did you ever try to think if your emails are in the right format and are viewed by the recipients? Do they ever acknowledge your emails? Answer to these could be a pretty daunting task. As I always reckon there are no specific set of rules but a few best practices never hurts and could make the results better. Hence, before you write your next job application email, you should go through the below pointers that might increase your chances.

HR managers or Job consultants receive hundreds of resumes on a daily basis for a typical job posting. No matter how good your resume is drafted, your job application email should convince the hiring manager or consultant to open your email first and it should also give the best impression about you and your skills.

I personally have applied for a number of jobs during my course of the journey. Let me share my views and how I send the job emails while I apply for a job.


Prepared CV

First and foremost you must mention the latest career updates in the resume. The resume document can be either word or pdf file type.
To know more about how to prepare the resume you can also refer the following posts

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Email address

Always send your job mail from your personal mail id. DON’T ever use the current organization’s official mail address for sending job application mails.
Most of you already know this but still I have mentioned this as it is a very significant point.

Email Subject

This is the most important part of a job mailing activity. There will be hundreds of emails received to the talent manager. Sometimes HR would create a distinct mail address to apply for a specific job post to filter and pick the right level of candidates to arrange for an interview process. Hence, your resume shouldn’t miss the opportunity of interview calls. This simply implies that the subject of your email plays a significant role.

Your email subject should give a quick understanding of your resume in just a few words. It is obviously a challenge to explain about skillsets in just a few words as there is a limitation for the length of the email subject and only a few words or letters are visible for the recipients. Hence, this question might trouble you. Let me share how I used to sort this and let me share some templates that would help.

1. Start with Job reference number

If there is a job reference number mentioned in the job application, quote it at the beginning of the subject followed by your skills, experience, your short name if possible. Diversify each section with some delimiters like pipe symbol, hyphen etc. For instance, you can use the below format:

Subject: <Job Reference number> | <Core Skill or Job role or position> | <Years of experience> | <Short name>

Subject: JobRef. 231342|Java|6+years Exp.|RajeshK
Subject: JobRef. 231342 – Java Developer – 6+years Exp. – RajeshK

2. Start with the Job role

If there is no job reference mentioned in the job application, you can start with Job role followed by your skills, experience, and short name if possible. For instance,

Subject: QA Tester|Automation|6+years Exp.|RajeshK
Subject: QA Tester-Automation-6+years Exp.-RajeshK

3. Start with your Job title or position

If there is no clear job reference or Job role mentioned, you should start with job title or position followed by your skills, experience, your short name if possible.

Subject: Telecom Lead|Genesys|6+years Exp.|RajeshK
Subject: Telecom Lead-Genesys-6+years Exp.-RajeshK

Email Body

I simply call this as the alternate form of covering letter. I never send the covering letter while I apply for a job via emails as hiring managers would spend less time to open your email and view your resume. So I want the viewer to spend time to view my resume first rather than to open the covering letter. Instead, I utilize the job application email as my covering letter.

It has a good scope to explain about your skills, experience, and quick understanding of your CV. Please note DON’T ever paste the whole contents of your resume in the email body. It spoils your job chances and high likely cause to ignore your resume. I split the email into small parts in a structured format so that can help recruiters to apprehend your details easily. Each one is explained below

1. Addressing the Recipient

Always try to address the hiring manager with their first name as mentioned in the contacts of the job application as ‘Dear’. For instance, ‘Dear Michael’.
If no name is provided in the job application, just mention as ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ or ‘Dear Team’.

2. First paragraph

When writing a job application email, you should start with the reference of job application where you had first seen the job posting followed by your interest and stating that the job requirement matches your skill.

3. Second Paragraph

Briefly explain about skills, years of experience and your current company and job location. You can also mention your current CTC and notice period if the job application insist to provide

4. Final Paragraph

Conclude by stating that you have attached your resume for more details and do not forget to mention your acceptance of any terms mentioned in the job application like
job relocation, role, etc.

I have a few templates which you can free download and replace with your content. A free sample below.

Hi Mahajan,

As per job reference posted on, I am interested to apply for the position of technical architect position and wanted to check in on your decision timeline.  I’m very excited about the opportunity to join XXXX Company and help manage and grow your respective line of business with the business delivery team.

I have around 12+ years of experience in Java enterprise technologies and I believe my acquired skills would help your business needs through this position.

Please find attached my latest updated resume for your reference. Please let me know if it would be helpful for me to provide any additional information as you move on to the next stage in the hiring process.

I look forward to hearing from you,

<Your Name>


If you didn’t receive a response for your job application email, follow-up by calling the contact number mentioned in the job application OR resend the mail again to the same mail address.

This shows your interest and also possibly gives the second chance for the recruiters to view your profile in case they missed to see in the first time. DON’T ever spam the hiring team mail address by sending multiple job emails per day or on a regular basis.

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