Does the title sound absurd? You may feel it is ridiculous. Correct. This post will explain from the company’s perspective. Why companies hire fresh graduates. What is the need of them if they can get experienced professionals who can start work right from day one. It will be time and cost saving for companies is it?

There is a short book written on it. Download here if you are interested to know the clear understanding about the subject. The quick synopsis as below.


Why companies hire fresher graduates

Typically companies look for employees who can start their work right from day one. They work towards the goals, objectives and vision. Companies run businesses, so they want their resources to work towards its vision. Then why do freshers need it? You may think that freshers can get it for a cheap cost so the reason companies hire them. Though there is a little truth in it but not completely correct. Companies need to spend time and money to train freshers to get them on to the projects. They may not see the return on investment (ROI) till next 2-3 years, then why companies look for freshers.

The core reason companies hire freshers is due to the psychology and trend. Companies bet on human psychology and fresh minds. If you would like to know the indepth reason, you will need to download the ebook

Kinds of fresh graduates companies look for

What kinds of fresh graduates companies look for. Most of the graduates possess the same academic knowledge but then why companies hire only a few. It is not just they need only a few but they want the best out of existing. So how do they identify the best and what kinds of behaviors should they possess? 

Typically we see two types of  personalities. The first type includes focussed, dedicated, hardworking, committed individuals with an appetite for self-learning. These are the default expectations for any company. Other qualities looked for include focussing on the work assigned without distractions, showing dedication to the job, by extending long working hours if required and committing to work for a long duration in the company.

The second type includes traits of lateral thinking and smart working. These are found in a limited number. Such characteristics define how differently and uniquely we can think. These people are the most sought out for any company as they make the most remarkable employees. They will be treated as key and critical resources. They stand out from others and hold their characteristic positions. They are highly paid for retention as they are assets for the company. They form the top 1% of the highest paid employees around the world

The two characteristic types of employees are sought after by the companies. Now the question is how a company identifies these categories of people while graduate hiring. If you need an answer for it, you will need to download the ebook.

Filtration of fresh graduates

How do companies filter fresh graduates? What are the key parameters they look for? Here are the few ones. 

  1. GPA or graduate percentage
  2. College or university#
  3. Soft Skills and aptitude
  4. Work experience.

More details are mentioned in ebook


The short ebook is intended to explain the core objectives of companies behind hiring fresh graduates. It attempts to highlight their perception of college graduates and the necessity to hire them. This book will not delve in explaining hiring processes, jobs specifics, salaries etc, but it will focus upon the psychology behind a company hiring fresh graduates.  This text is aimed to help fresh college graduates better understand the core objectives behind the hiring process. This can also help them to navigate the process of joining a company purposefully, so that they can productively engage in the job-hunting process.

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