Some of you would be having below common questions in your mind especially during the beginning of your career.

1) Which one is to be opted – development or testing?
2) Which one has brighter career growth – development or testing?
3) Who earns more – developer or tester?


Developer Mindset

I though explained about the developer mindset in other article but will give gist about it here. At first analyze your mindset and interest. If you are good in designing and creative on something, then you can likely to be a developer. It’s like building a structure with legos. If you are creative, you can construct any object using legos. The same way you can build any product using the programming language. Refer to my other blog for a thorough insight on the mindset of a developer.

Tester Mindset

If you are a kind of person who ensures everything to be kept fine and clean with no mess, then you can likely to be a tester. It is like keeping your house clean if find a mess or like a kind of reviewing a product in amazon.

The developed product would be untested and needs integration testing with other interfaces. It is like a clinical trial of a new drug to ensure the built product works fine. 

There exist different testing tools and many kinds of testing. Watch the below video if interested

Career growth

Both development and testing has its own prospects. Developers can take the route of designers, business analysts, solution architects, product owners etc. Testers can opt the routes of Test leads, test managers, automation leads etc. Both has better career options and it depends on how you design and set your line of growth

Earnings of developer or tester

Salaries are always based on demand and supply in the market. If there are more developers or testers in the market, obviously the salaries would be less competitive. On the other hand the salaries would be on higher side for the niche skills.

Although the initial earnings would be same for developers and testers, eventually developers would have a little edge as the span of the development skill is much higher and at the same time tough competition too as with growing experience.

I suggest don’t choose the career just based on the earning potential because survival become tougher as you go on and you eventually lose interest in your job. So choose your career suiting to your mind set. You can always switch later when you find interest in other area.


If you ever get a chance to choose development or testing either beginning or later in your career, then chose as per your mind set. Refer to my blog to understand the difference between developer and support mindset

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