This post tries to explain some differences between development and support. Which one has better prospects in terms of career, growth, and the salary. The most common questions around this topic would be as below:

1. Which one is better development vs support?
2. Which one has better prospects development vs support?
3. What is the difference between support and development?
4. Is it good to switch from development to support?


Developer Mindset

At first analyze your mindset and interest. If you are good in designing and creative on something, then you can likely to be a developer. It’s like building a structure with legos. If you are creative, you can construct any object using legos. The same way you can build any product using the programming language

How the legos acts as tool, the same way the programming language act as a tool to build a software product. It’s how the floor acts as the base for constructing lego object, the same way the operating system acts as the base for running the programs. So analyze yourself if you belong to this kind of mindset. 

A variety of programming languages exist today and new languages evolve. Each one has its own significance, flexibility and limitations. It depends on the business objective and architecture design, the suitable programming language is made as the choice.

Support Mindset

If you are such a kind of person to accept the surprises, challenges and want to fix the issues on daily basis, then you suit to support role.

Working in support roles cultivates the habit of handling the problems and pressures. It makes to see the problems as hurdles and to be fixed. It gives overall picture to understand the whole system and provokes to stabilize it.

Career growth

Both development and support has its own prospects. Developers can take the route of designers, business analysts, solution architects, product owners, etc. Support people can become the system analysts, solutioning experts, Subject matter experts, Business analysts, Support managers, Architects, etc.

Support roles would have onsite opportunities to work at client places. It improves great liaising with business and product teams.

Earnings of developer or tester

Salaries are always based on demand and supply in the market. On the other hand the salaries would be on higher side for the niche skills.

Support role salaries are in par with designers and developers today. In fact support groups are playing the significant contribution to revenues especially to many Indian IT companies today. Most of the maintenance and support projects are outsourced and handled by Indian companies due to the budget constraint at client’s end.

I suggest don’t choose the career just based on the earning potential because survival become tougher as you go on and you eventually lose interest in your job. So choose your career suiting to your mindset. You can always switch later when you find interest in other area.


If you ever get a chance to choose development or support either beginning or later in your career, then always listen to your heart and chose according to your mind-set. Refer to my blog to understand about development and testing mindset

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